• „Is your internal
    company communication
    We will boost productivity
    in all corporate processes.“
    Tomáš Kalous
    senior developer, specialist in the development
    and implementation of information systems and applications

Corporate applications

Support productivity within your organization - integration of necessary information from various sources in your corporate environment can provide you a complete overview of the business processes and allow your employees to communicate more effectively.

Each company is constantly growing, changing its structure and internal processes, or deals with a needs to respond to changes in legislation, which in turn could slow the process and reduce productivity.

Our corporate applications thanks to its modularity and the continuous support of the development department flexibly adapt to changing needs. They are also available on mobile and across platforms. They include tools for collaboration, communication and sharing of information between end users. We are dedicated to the development of custom software solutions, which are delivered as a service (Software-as-a-Service / SaaS). To solve optionally also provide application hosting in its own data center with guaranteed maximum accessibility and constant supervision.

During the development we put emphasis on safety but also on user friendliness and training, which is the resulting productivity decisive influence.


  • flexible response to changing company needs
  • mobile access across platforms
  • reduce costs and increase service availability
  • customer support 24/7
  • a powerful tool for productive work

We focus on these areas

We have an ISO 27001 certification for information security management system, enabling us to ensure a maximum level of security, reliability and availability of services for your organization and enables continuous improvement of service management. This enhances the quality of services provided.