Technical support

Remote support

  • Call a technician

  • Download the application HERE

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    Tell the ID from application

How to proceed with an application for remote support correctly?

Do you want to simplify the work of our technician for remote support? Follow these instructions:

  • 1 Where to download?


    Download Teamviewer application that will allow our people to connect directly to your computer.
  • 2


    Run the application. It is possible to download the application first and then start it.
  • 3 How to confirm?


    Confirm your operating system, the application is trustworthy and can therefore run. Do not worry that would be a malicious application.
  • 4 Where to find ID?


    Dictate our technicians number that application reports.
  • 5


    Now all that remains is to wait patiently until our technician detects a problem and solve it on your computer.