• „We are
    IT professionals.
    But we will still
    understand your wishes. “
    Zoltán Čanda
    business manager,
    customer care specialist

Customer Care

It is not always easy to understand technician. In our case, it will not be a problem!

Thanks to a sophisticated management system requirements we always react flexibly and carefully follow the agreed deadlines. We know very well that this is not just a "customer requirements", but the needs of real people, therefore we gladly listen.

We understand you and we can ensure your maximum satisfaction. This is a signal for us that we are doing a great work. It motivates us to further develop our services and their quality.


  • care of regular customers
  • pricing, implementation assistance projects
  • administration, management of IT assets

How to use IT solutions

cheaply and efficiently at the same time?

Get inspired by real-world examples of companies that might previously deal with same problems like you now.

In practical studies, you can learn what the companies deal with and how to analyze their situation and eventually how to improve their efficiency through IT outsourcing.

Dozens of companies across the Czech Republic and abroad achieve greater efficiency and better functioning thanks to our help.